Watch UK Channel All 4 Abroad (Working Guide)

watch all4 abroad


In this post, we will guide you on how to watch Channel All 4 from abroad. If you follow the guide carefully, you’ll be able to access the Channel All 4 from anywhere in the world within 10 minutes.

How To Watch Channel All 4 Outside UK Without VPN?

Usually, to access Channel All 4 from abroad, you will have to fake your location to the UK by using a VPN service. However, the Channel All 4 has been hitting hard on VPN services and blocking them. The good news is, you can access Channel All 4 using a SmartDNS service. In a nutshell, you will need to;

  1. Register for a Free SmartDNS account.
  2. Activate your IP address with SmartDNS.
  3. Configure your device to use SmartDNS.
  4. Check SmartDNS Configuration Status.
  5. Watch Channel All 4.

Complicated? Seriously, No! Just follow the guide below.

Register for a Free Smart DNS account

There are many services have been blocked and with our testing, SmartDNS Proxy seems to be working well with the Channel All 4. First of all, you will need to register for an account with them.

Activate your IP address with Smart DNS

Once you’ve registered, you will need to activate your IP address with the Smart DNS Proxy Website. Once you’ve activated, there will be a green checkmark.

register IP with SmartDNS proxy

Configure your device to use SmartDNS

To set up Smart DNS Proxy on your device(s), go to their setup page, choose your system, and follow the on-screen instructions.

smart dns proxy set up

Check SmartDNS Configuration Status

Once you’ve added the DNS servers into your device, go to your Smart DNS Proxy Configuration Status Page and you will see all checkmarks are now green.

Watch Channel All 4 Abroad

That’s it! You can now watch Channel All 4 abroad and stream your favourite programmes.

Below are answer to some frequently asked questions. If you need further help, please get in touch with our support team.

I am getting “the service is unavailable in your area” error message.

If you’ve followed steps steps above correctly and still getting an error, please change your device’s date and time settings to the UK.

Do I need To Register To Access Channel All 4 Programmes?

Yes, you need. Channel All 4 requires all users to register for a free account before you can watch their programmes. During the registration process, you are free to use any UK based postcode, for example, E17 3AA.

What Other UK TV Channels That I Can Access From Abroad?

I’ve compiled list of popular UK TV channels that you can access over the Internet.

Can I access non-UK TV Channels using Smart DNS Proxy service?

Yes, you can. Have a look at the list of supported channels.


Whilst Channel All 4 is being aggressive on VPN service providers, they are still easy on Smart DNS proxy service providers. I am sure if they have been working hard enough like Netflix, they’ll be able to block Smart DNS services too. For now, we can all still enjoy accessing Channel All 4 from anywhere in the world.

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