How To Watch 2021 Ashes Cricket Test Series Live Stream

Played every 2 years, the Ashes series is a 5 test cricket matches played between Australia and England. This year, the series will be held in Brisbane, Australia from 22nd November 2021 to 14th January 2022.

If you follow the instructions in this article correctly, you can watch/listen to 2021 Ashes Cricket live streams for FREE!

Ashes Cricket Series 2021 TV Coverage

Ashes Cricket Series Live Stream
United Kingdom Sky Sports
Australia9Now & Cricket Australia
New ZealandSky Sport
South AfricaSky Sport

How Can I Watch Ashes Cricket Series Live Stream Free?

If you’re not in a country where Ashes Cricket Series 2021 is made available, you’ll be blocked from accessing the live stream due to broadcasting rights despite having an account with the TV providers.

Don’t worry, you can use a free Smart DNS service to bypass these restrictions. All you need to do is just;

  1. Register for a free Smart DNS account.
  2. Configure your device to use Smart DNS.
  3. Watch Ashes Cricket Series.

Complicated? NO! Follow the easy guide below.

Smart DNS Proxy Setup

Step 1: Register for a free Smart DNS service.

Step 2: Set up Smart DNS service on your device as per the instructions at the link(s) below:

Watch Ashes Cricket Series 2021 Live

Once you configured your device to use Smart DNS service, access Ashes Cricket Series live stream via any of the link(s) below:

Note: Some channels require you to register for a free account with them to provide a personalised experience on their sites.

Also, If you have a paid account with any of the listed TV coverage providers, you can also use them to access the matches from abroad.

Ashes Cricket Live Radio Stream / Commentary

You can listen to live commentaries for all Ashes Cricket Series from BBC Radio 5 Sports Exta for FREE!

Whilst the content is free, BBC requires all users to register for a free account before you can access their service. During the registration process, you are free to use any UK based postcode, for example, E17 3AA

Cannot Download Apps on iPad/iPhone/Android?

Some apps are also geo-restricted which means they are not available in your local app store. To resolve this, please follow the instructions at the link(s) below:

If you’re still having problems downloading TV apps, you can just install Google Chrome app on your device and access the TV links mentioned in this article above.

If the TV site is still forcing/redirecting to download their app, you can set your browser to request for a Desktop site and access it again.

Is Smart DNS Proxy Safe?

Absolutely! Most of the region-restricted websites have an initial location check, so a Smart DNS service route this request to their servers so you can bypass them.

This is a great service for Streaming as they only route the Internet traffic for the TV sites they support. Any other Internet traffic goes directly onto the Internet without Smart DNS service automatically.

Is Smart DNS Proxy Free?

You can use their service for 14 days for Free! They will not ask for your payment details and therefore, you will not be charged.

On the 14th day, you can either take a subscription with them or just don’t take any action. The free trial account will be automatically cancelled.

Personally, I would highly recommend their service because they support over 600+ TV channels and you can access it from anywhere in the world.

As low as $4 per month, their subscription is really cheap and it’s a good bargain.

This is also a great service for those who want to cancel their expensive cable TV subscription and look for a cheaper alternative.

smart dns proxy channels
Popular Channels Supported by Smart DNS Proxy

Ashes Cricket Series 2021 schedule

Will be available on March 2021.

Know Your Timezone?

You can use WorldTimeBuddy site to convert your time accurately so you don’t miss the matches.

Ashes Cricket Series Stats

In the 136 years since 1883, Australia have held the Ashes for approximately 80.5 years, and England for 55.5 years. Read more here.

Ashes Cricket Series history

The first Test match between England and Australia was played in Melbourne, Australia, in 1877, though the Ashes legend started later, after the ninth Test, played in 1882. Full details can be found here.

Ashes Cricket Series results

Summary of Ashes cricket results can be found at this link.

Ashes Cricket Live Scores

Get all the live scores of Ashes test series from Cricket Australia website.


Accessing Ashes Cricket Series Live stream is easy but you’ll just need to ensure that you’ve checked on which site provides the coverage.