Easy Fix: Can’t Download Geo Locked Apps From Play Store


Most of the Android apps are now region restricted and this requires you to use the Google Play Store to the correction region to download the app you wanted. If you can’t download apps on Android devices via Google Play Store, read more below on how to bypass this error.

Can't Download Apps From Play Store

Why Can’t I Download Apps From Play Store?

If you’re getting This item isn’t available in your country error when you try to download an app on your Android device, they are Geo-restricted. If you’re getting other errors, please try the solution given by Google.

What Are Geo-Restricted Apps?

Region restricted apps are known as geo-blocked apps, region locked apps but it basically boils down to the same meaning.

For example, if you are in United States, Australia, Cyprus or anywhere outside of UK and try to download the BBC iPlayer App from the Google PlayStore, this is the error message that you will be getting: “This item isn’t available in your country”

Why Are Apps Geo-Restricted On Google Play Store?

The most common reason is licensing. For example, BBC iPlayer programmes are only licensed for viewing in the UK and therefore, anyone outside of the UK would not be able to access it via the BBC website or app.

How To Download Geo-Restricted Apps From Play Store?

The Android Play store caches your locations and despite you’re connected to a VPN service, you will not be able to search and/or download region restricted apps such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu Plus etc on your Android device.

To resolve this, please follow the steps below:

Note: If you have previously purchased an app using your Play Store account, you will not be able to change your Play Store (Gmail) account’s region as Google will lock your account to the region you bought the app from.

In this case, you will need to create a new Gmail account, link it to your Android device and follow the rest of the instructions below:

Clearing App Data and Cache for Play Store

  • From the main screen, go to your device’s home screen and tap on Settings.
  • Next, tap on Apps (or Applications)
  • Locate and tap on Google Play Store under Apps (All Applications).
  • Tap on Clear Data. (for some device, you will need to tap on Storage first)
  • Then, tap on OK when you’re prompted to delete app data.

Connect to a VPN service

Launch the VPN app you’ve downloaded and connect to the country where you want to download the app from. i.e. If you want to download BBC iPlayer, you’ll need to connect to the United Kingdom (UK) server

Once you’ve connected, you can now launch Play Store and search for the region-restricted apps. If you’re having problems connecting to Le VPN service, we would suggest that you try the troubleshooting steps.

If you really need, you can also get in touch with our support team.


Downloading geo-restricted app on Android can be a little technical but if you’ve followed the instructions to the latter, you should have no problems.

Which geo-restricted app that you’ve tried to download? How was your experience?

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