How Do I Check Which Netflix Region I’m On?

In this post, I’ll guide you on how you can determine or check which Netflix region you’re on.

Note: If you want to watch US Netflix outside America, go to the Watch US Netflix Abroad guide.

How To Check Netflix Region?

Netflix has an API where you can check on which region your Netflix is being served. Unfortunately, reading the results can be quite technical for some.

Which Netflix Region I'm On

The good news is, that I’ve made it simple for you. To determine your Netflix region, please click on Global Netflix API and you should be able to see an XML page displayed such as below:

Netflix country checker

The only things you need to pay attention is;

  1. geolocation.status: It will indicate whether your connection is allowed or blocked.
  2. It will indicate which Netflix region you’re being served.

Just next to the line, there will be a country code that shows which region of Netflix you’re currently being served.

How do I know If I am on US Netflix?

At the Global Netflix API XML page, look up for <> and if it shows the US next to it, you’re getting the American version of Netflix.

How Do You Find Out What’s On Netflix In Other Countries?

You can use the unofficial Netflix Global Search website to check on the Netflix library by country.

For an example below, The title Schindler’s List is made available for those who are accessing Netflix from Canada and Iceland.

netflix catalogue

Which Country Has Best Netflix Content?

The largest Netflix catalogue is being served in the US and UK.

European Netflix Account

If your account is from an E.U. member state (i.e. you pay for it in a European currency, have a European IP address etc) then wherever you travel in Europe you will only see the content from your home country.

Someone from the UK travelling in France will see the content from UK Netflix and not the different French content however an American travelling around Europe will see the content from the country they are currently in. I.e. it only affects subscribers who pay for their account in Europe

In other words, For EU registered accounts, they can take their home catalogue with them and access them whilst being in the EU.

Change Amazon Prime Region

If you’re using Amazon, you can change its region by following the instructions on our other post about Changing Amazon Region.