2021-22 FIH Pro League Hockey: Watch Live Stream Free

The 2021–22 Men’s FIH Pro League is the second season of the Pro League and the fifth edition of the men’s field hockey national team league series.

Note: If you follow the instructions in this article correctly, you can watch FIH Pro League Hockey live stream for FREE!

FIH Pro League 2021 TV Coverage

Watch FIH Pro League Hockey 2021 Live Stream Guide

For those who want to watch FIH Pro League Hockey on TV, below are the list of your local TV broadcaster(s).

Participating Countries

CountriesTV BroadcastersLive on Watch.Hockey?
AustraliaFox SportsNo
ChinaBTVYes (Except China Matches)
Great BritainBT SportNo
IndiaStar SportsNo
NetherlandsZiggo SportNo
New ZealandSpark SportNo
SpainEuro SportYes

Non-Participating Countries

CountriesTV BroadcastersLive on Watch.Hockey?
All Countries in AfricaSuper SportYes
All Countries in Caribbean IslandsESPNNo
All Countries in South AmericaFlow SportsYes
Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, South-TyrolDAZNNo
CanadaB/R LiveNo
England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Rep of IrelandBT SportNo
Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, East Timor, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, TurkeybeIN Sports Yes
MalaysiaAstro No
Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri LankaStart SportsNo

How Can I Watch FIH Pro League 2021 Live Stream For Free?

FIH Hockey Pro League matches will be available on Watch.Hockey in every country where a TV broadcaster does not show them live. Please refer to the TV coverage list above.

Note: You will need to create a free account with Watch.Hockey before you can watch the matches.

Watch.Hockey Errors:

Error 1: The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.

To resolve this, please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browser.

Error 2: This Content Is Not Available In Your Country

Watch.Hockey Error: This Content Is Not Available In Your Country
Watch.Hockey App Blocked

Don’t worry, you can use a free VPN service to bypass these restrictions. All you need to do is just;

  1. Download a free VPN app on your device.
  2. Connect to the USA VPN server location.
  3. Watch FIH Pro League Matches.

Complicated? NO! Follow the easy guide below.

VPN Setup

Download VPN app on your device and install it. Once you’ve installed it, launch it and click on Get Your Free Plan.

Note: The steps below are for Windows/macOS systems. However, the process is the same for Android and iOS devices.

hide.me get your free plan.PNG

Next, click on the Activate button.

hide.me activate free plan.PNG

Once you’re logged in, click on Change at the bottom right.

hide.me change vpn location

Note: For Mobile devices, click on Location at the bottom of the app.

change location on mobile devices

Now, choose East Coast, USA as the server location.

connnect to east coast usa.PNG

At the connection confirmation, click on the Connect button.

hide.me connection confirmation.PNG

Once you’re connected, you will see a green shield icon as per the image below.

If the VPN is not connecting, please have look at the instructions on how to resolve it.

Watch Fih Pro League Live Stream

That’s it! Once you’re connected to the VPN, you can launch Watch.Hockey website/app on your device and watch the matches.

Below is the example that I can watch FIH Pro League Hockey 2021 Matches live for free.

pro league live stream

If it’s not working while the VPN is connected, just re-launch your web browser/app and try again. Failing that, please connect to West Coast, USA server location.

Download Watch.Hockey App on iPad/iPhone/Android

You can download Watch.Hockey app from the link(s) below on your device.

FIH Pro League 2021 Schedule

Click on the link below to view the tournament’s match schedule

Know Your Timezone?

You can use the WorldTimeBuddy site to convert your time accurately so you don’t miss the matches. The schedule timezone is in the local timezone of the respective country where the match is held.

Can I learn More About hide.me VPN?

Yes, you can. We have written a post that covers all the information you may need.


Accessing Pro League is easy if you’re in a supported county but due to the licensing issue, you’ll have a problem accessing it online if you live in non-supported countries.

Did you manage to watch Pro League by following the instructions on this post? How was your experience?