How To Watch FIH Pro League 2020 Live Stream Guide

Watch FIH Pro League 2020 Live Stream Online

The 2020–21 Men’s FIH Pro League is the second season of the Pro League and fifth edition of the men’s field hockey national team league series. The tournament started in January and is set to finish in June 2021

The opening match will take place at the Wujin hockey stadium in China on 11th January. Watch the world’s best men’s and women’s international teams battling to win the Pro League titles.

FIH Pro League 2020 TV Coverage

FIH Pro League matches will be available on Watch.Hockey in every country where a rights-holding broadcaster does not show them live.

Below is the list of region-restricted countries where the matches will be shown live by TV broadcasters.

Fox Sports / Kayo
Play Sports (Telenet)
Beijing Sport TV
Great Britain
BT Sport
Ziggo Sport
New Zealand
Spark Sports
Bleacher Report Live

How Can I Watch FIH Pro League 2020 Live Stream?

You can watch it on Watch.Hockey BUT if you’re in a country where the matches will be shown live by TV broadcasters, you will be blocked due to broadcasting rights.

FIH pro league blocked in youtube

Don’t worry, you can use a free Smart DNS service to bypass these restrictions. All you need to do is just;

  1. Register for a free Smart DNS account.
  2. Configure your device to use Smart DNS.
  3. Watch Pro League Games.

Complicated? NO! Follow the easy guide below.

Smart DNS Proxy Setup

Step 1: Register for a free Smart DNS service.

Step 2: Set up Smart DNS service on your device as per the instructions at the link(s) below:

Watch Fih Pro League Live Stream

Once you configured your device to use Smart DNS service, access Pro League Games via Watch.Hockey.

Note: If you want to access via Hotstar, you will need to do an additional step to change your account’s region to India. To do so, go to your Account’s region configuration, scroll down till you see Channel Group B. Now, choose India from the drop-down list and click on Update.

Change SmartDNS region to India

Is Smart DNS Proxy Safe?

Absolutely! Most of the region-restricted websites have an initial location check, so a Smart DNS service route this request to their servers so you can bypass them.

This is a great service for Streaming as they only route the Internet traffic for the TV sites they support. Any other Internet traffic goes directly onto the Internet without Smart DNS service automatically.

Is Smart DNS Proxy Free?

You can use their service for 14 days for Free! They will not ask for your payment details and therefore, you will not be charged.

On the 14th day, you can either take a subscription with them or just don’t take any action. The free trial account will be automatically cancelled.

Personally, I would highly recommend their service because they support over 600+ TV channels and you can access it from anywhere in the world.

As low as $4 per month, their subscription is really cheap and it’s a good bargain.

This is also a great service for those who want to cancel their expensive cable TV subscription and look for a cheaper alternative.

smart dns proxy channels
Popular Channels Supported by Smart DNS Proxy

FIH Pro League 2020 Schedule

Click on the link below to view tournament’s match schedule

Know Your Timezone?

You can use WorldTimeBuddy site to convert your time accurately so you don’t miss the matches. The schedule timezone is in the local timezone of the respective country where the match is held.


Accessing Pro League is easy if you’re in a supported county but due to the licensing issue, you’ll have a problem accessing it online if you live in a non-supported countries.

How did you access pro league? How was your experience?

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