F1 Live Stream 2021 Free: How To Watch All Formula 1 Races Online

Watch the 2021 F1 live stream online on your devices from anywhere in the world and get access to the race schedule.

Note: If you follow the instructions in this article correctly, you can watch ALL Russia GP practise sessions, qualifying and races of 2021 (F1) Formula 1 Live Stream live for FREE!

How To Watch 2021 F1 Russian GP Live Stream For Free?

F1 Live Streaming 2021
Photo by: formula1.com

You can watch 2021 Formula 1 via ServusTV, ORF, fuboTV and they will be broadcasting all races for free.

However, if you’re not in a country where the 2021 F1 live stream is made available, you’ll be blocked from accessing the live stream due to broadcasting rights.

Don’t worry, you can use a free Smart DNS service to bypass these restrictions. All you need to do is just;

  1. Register for a free Smart DNS account.
  2. Set up your device to use SmartDNS servers
  3. Watch 2021 F1 Russian GP live Stream.

Complicated? NO! Follow the easy steps below.

STEP 1: Register For A Smart DNS Account

To register, go to the Smart DNS Proxy website, enter your email address and click on Sign up now! button.

register for smart dns proxy trial

Next, enter your name, a password to register with Smart DNS Proxy and click on SUBMIT.

enter personal details to register for smart dns proxy

You should now be getting an email from Smart DNS Proxy to verify your email address.

smart dns proxy account on pending status

In the email you’ve received, please click on VERIFY YOUR EMAIL.

smart dns proxy email verification

You will now be redirected to your account’s page and you should be able to see your account status.

smart dns proxy account activated

STEP 2: Smart DNS Proxy Setup

Next, please set up a Smart DNS proxy service on your device.

To do so, click on the (+) icon next to the system you’re using and follow the instructions.


Click on the Wifi/Internet icon at the bottom right-hand side of your taskbar and click on Network & Internet Settings.

Windows 10 Network & Internet Settings

In the next screen, please click on Change Adapter Options under Status page.

Windows 10 Change Adapter Options

Right-click on your active network adapter (Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection) and select Properties.

Windows 10 Network Adapter Properties

Please Un-Check Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) as the service doesn’t work over IPv6.

Next, double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or alternatively, you can select it and click on Properties.

Windows 10 TCP IP/4 Settings

In the General tab, click on Use the following DNS server addresses: and enter the DNS server addresses as per below:

  • Prefered DNS Server:
  • Alternate DNS Server:
enter manual dns servers on windows 10

When you’re done, click on OK.


Click on the Apple Logo located at the top left hand corner of your Mac and open System Preferences.

macOS System Preferences

Navigate to Internet & Wireless and click on Network.

macOS Network settings

Select your active Internet Adapter (Wi-Fi if Wireless or Ethernet if Wired connection) and click on the Advanced button.

macOS advanced WIFI settings

Select the DNS tab and click on the plus (+) button and enter the DNS server addresses as per below:


Note: You will need to click on the plus (+) button again to enter the second DNS server.

enter manual dns servers on macos

Click OK followed by the Apply button.

smart dns entered


Choose Settings from Home screen.

iOS settings

Tap on Wi-Fi.

Find your Wireless connection (which has a tick or check mark) and click on the blue ‘i‘ icon.

iOS wifi menu

You should now be in your Wi-Fi details page. At the Configure DNS section, tap on Automatic.

iOS configure dns

At the DNS configuration screen, tap on Manual and tap on the red (-) minus icon to remove your existing DNS address.

iOS add remove dns server

Now, tap on the (+) Add Server and enter the DNS server addresses as per below:

ios add manual dns servers

Note: You will need to click on the plus (+) button again to enter the second DNS server.

Once you’ve added two DNS servers as per the image above, tap on Save at the top right corner to save the settings.


For Android, you can use an app to configure your device easily. To do so, follow the steps below:

Download DNS Changer App from Play Store or directly if you don’t have access to Play Store.

Once you’ve downloaded it, click on Install.

download dns changer app

Next, Open the app and enter the following DNS servers as per below in the app and select START

  • Primary Server:
  • Secondary Server:
enter manual dns servers on dns changer app

At the DnsChanger information, select OK.

dns changer app information

When you see the Connection request message, select OK

dns changer connection request confirmation

If you see the Active status, you have configured your device. Next, just go to your home screen.

dns changer connection on active status

Note: If you no longer want to use the Smart DNS service, just tap on STOP.


Click the status area at the bottom of your screen, where your account picture is located.

Select Connected to … and take note of the network name.

currently network connected in Chromebook

Next, click on Settings…

Chromebook network settings

On the Settings page, click on the network drop down menu and select your active Wi-Fi.

edit network connection on Chromebook

Now, click on the Network tab and select Custom name servers. Next, enter the DNS servers as per below in the two boxes.

add smart dns servers on Chromebook

Click Close to save your changes.


Go to your Terminal and type in sudo bash. This will give you super user privilege.

Once you have the superuser (administrator) access, type in the command below to back up your network configuration file.

cp /etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.orig

backup network configuration file in Linux

Next, type in the command below to remove the resolv.conf file.

rm /etc/resolv.conf

remove resolve.conf file in Linux

Now, type in the command below one at a time.

  • echo “nameserver” > /etc/resolv.conf
  • echo “nameserver” >> /etc/resolv.conf
add smart dns servers in Linux

Finally, type in the command below to check if you’ve configured the DNS correctly.

cat /etc/resolv.conf
If the set-up was successful, it will display the DNS addresses that you’ve specified earlier

check dns servers on Linux

Apple TV

Choose Settings from your Apple TV’s Main Screen.

Apple TV settings

Select on Network.

Apple TV network settings

Select your network connection, Ethernet if you are connected via cable or Wi-Fi if you are using a wireless network.

Apple TV wifi settings

Next, select Configure DNS.

Apple TV dns configuration

By default, this should be set to Automatic. Change this to Manual.

Apple TV manual dns configuration

Enter as your DNS address and choose Done

add smart dns servers into Apple TV

Amazon Firestick TV

From your Amazon Fire TV homescreen, navigate to Settings.

Firestick TV network settings

Head over to Device > About and select Network.

Take note of the IP Address and Gateway details as you will need this when setting up the connection.

Firestick TV network information

Go back to the Settings page and select Network.

Firestick TV network

Select Configure Network if you are on a Wired connection or select your Wi-Fi network if you are connected wirelessly.

Note: The instructions below were based on a connection to a Wireless network, if you are on a Wired connection, please skip the wireless instructions.

Firestick TV current wifi

If your Wifi network does not show up on this screen, please select See All Networks.

Firestick TV see all networks

Next, forget the Settings of the Wireless network by pressing the Option button (3 lines) that can be found on your remote.

Firestick TV forget wifi settings

Select your Wi-Fi network again and once you’ve entered your password, click on Advanced.

Firestick TV advanced wifi settings

The device network details that we need are the IP Address and Gateway that you note down earlier from the network About page.

IP address: Enter the IP address you noted down earlier.

Firestick TV enter IP address manually

Gateway: Enter the Gateway address you noted down earlier.

Firestick TV enter gateway ip manually

Network Prefix length: Enter 24

Firestick TV enter default network prefix

Enter the following DNS addresses accordingly. (one at a time)

DNS 1:

Firestick TV enter dns server 1 manually

DNS 2:

Firestick TV enter dns server 2 manually

Finally, select Connect to save the changes.

Other System

STEP 3: Check Smart DNS Configuration Status

Now that you’ve configured your device to use the Smart DNS, go to your Account and you should see green checkmarks next to DNS Setup and IP activation.

Smart dns proxy configuration page

Note: If you didn’t get the green checkmarks, simply refresh the page.

Watch 2021 Russian GP F1 Live Stream

Once you configured your device to use the Smart DNS service, you can watch the 2021 F1 live stream.

We recommend that you watch Formula 1 via fuboTV as they cover all F1 Free practices, qualifying and races on a single website.

F1 Live Stream via fuboTV
F1 Live Stream via fuboTV

fuboTV comes with a 7-day free trial.  If you don’t want to continue after the 7th day, just cancel your account and you will not be charged at all. Therefore, it’s completely FREE for 7 days!

All you need to do is, expand the fuboTV setup instructions below to create a fuboTV account and enjoy Formula 1 live streaming.

fuboTV Setup Instructions

Go to the fuboTV website and click on the START FREE TRIAL button.

How To Get fuboTV For Free?

Next, enter your personal details. The Home ZIP code should be populated automatically and if it doesn’t, just enter any US postcode ( Example: 36526) and click on Confirm followed by CONTINUE button.

fubotv account registration

Now, click on Start free trial button on the plan you may be interested in.

fubotv plans

You will now see summary of your fuboTV account’s order. Just ensure the due now value is set to $0 and click on CONTINUE TO LAST STEP button.

fubotv and-ons selection

To complete your fuboTV free trial account registration, you will need to enter your credit/debit card information. You can use a non-US card without problems.

Once you’ve done that, check on the terms of service at the bottom left and click on START WATCHING FUBOTV button.

fubotv free trial completion

Note: A credit card is required to prevent multiple free trials per user.

Once you’ve registered for the fuboTV free trial, you will be redirected to the profile selection page.

When you see the profile selection screen, just click on My Profile.

fubotv profile selection

That’s it! you can now Watch fuboTV Outside the US and from anywhere online.

Just choose Sports followed by Racing, F1 and click on Watch Live to enjoy Formula 1 live stream online! You can also read about the fuboTV FAQ.

fubotv formula 1 live stream

Other Formula 1 FREE Live Streaming Channels

Alternatively, you can also watch the Formula 1 live stream via the link(s) below 100% for FREE.

  • ORF TV (Choose Formel 1 in the live stream section)
  • RTBF (Expand the instructions below)
How To Access RTBF TV

Go to the RTBF TV website and click on Formula 1.

Now, click on the yellow button called “Connectez-Vous”

Now, log in via Facebook or via Google and start streaming.

Alternatively, you can also register for a free account. To do so, click on the green button called “CREER UN COMPTE”

RTBF TV registration

Now, just enter your details. For the postcode, please enter 1000 and click on “S’INSCRIRE”

RTBF Create an account

When you see the notice below, you will need to verify your email address.

RTBF account created

In the email you receive, click on “Valider Mon Compte” to verify your email address.

RTBF email verification

When it says your email has been validated, click on “CONTINUER” and watch MotoGP live stream.

RTBF account validated

Below is the example that I am able to watch the 2021 F1 live stream for free.

F1 Live Stream on Servus TV
F1 Live Stream

2021 Russian F1 Grand Prix Schedule

24 Sep11:30 – 12:30Practice 1
24 Sep 15:00 – 16:00Practice 2
25 Sep 12:00 – 13:00Practice 3
25 Sep 15:00 – 16:00Qualifying
26 Sep 15:00 – 17:00Race

Note: Russia is in the GMT+3 time zone. You can check your local time schedule at the Formula 1 site so you don’t miss the events.

How To Watch F1 Live Stream On Apple TV?

You can watch F1 via the fuboTV app which can be downloaded into your device if your iTunes account is linked to the US store.

If you don’t have a US iTunes account, you will need to create a new iTunes account and set the US as the region during registration. You can use a name/address generator to fill up the details.

Next, login into your Apple TV using the new US iTunes account you created and you should be able to download the fuboTV app from the app store.

Note: Please ensure you’ve followed steps 1-3 and the fuboTV setup instructions. 

How To Watch F1 On Fire TV Stick / Android TV?

If your device is not linked to a US Amazon / Play Store, you will need to install the fuboTV app on your device manually.

To do this, follow the instructions at the link(s) below:

Note: Please ensure you’ve followed steps 1-3 and the fuboTV setup instructions. 

2021 Russian F1 GP Starting Grid

It Will be updated once the results are out

2021 F1 Race Results

DateGrand PrixWinning DriverCar
28 MarBahrainLewis HamiltonMERCEDES
18 AprEmilia RomagnaMax VerstappenHONDA
2 MayPortugalLewis HamiltonMERCEDES
9 MaySpainLewis HamiltonMERCEDES
23 MayMonacoMax VerstappenHONDA
6 JunAzerbaijanSergio PérezHONDA
20 JunFrenchMax VerstappenHONDA
27 JunSteiermark Max VerstappenHONDA
4 JulyAustriaMax VerstappenHONDA
18 JulyBritishLewis Hamilton MERCEDES
1 AugHungaryEsteban OconAlpine
29 AugBelgiumMax Verstappen HONDA
5 SepDutchMax Verstappen HONDA
12 SepItalyDaniel RicciardoMcLaren

2021 F1 Driver World Standings

1Max Verstappen NEDRed Bull Racing Honda226.5
2Lewis Hamilton GBRMercedes221.5
3Valtteri Bottas FINMercedes141
4Lando Norris GBRMcLaren Mercedes132
5Sergio Perez MEXRed Bull Racing Honda118
6Charles Leclerc MONFerrari104
7Carlos Sainz ESPFerrari97.5
8Daniel Ricciardo AUSMcLaren Mercedes83
9Pierre Gasly FRAAlphaTauri Honda66
10Fernando Alonso ESPAlpine Renault50
11Esteban Ocon FRAAlpine Renault45
12Sebastian Vettel GERAston Martin Mercedes35
13Lance Stroll CANAston Martin Mercedes24
14Yuki Tsunoda JPNAlphaTauri Honda18
15George Russell GBRWilliams Mercedes15
16Nicholas Latifi CANWilliams Mercedes7
17Kimi Räikkönen FINAlfa Romeo Racing Ferrari2
18Antonio Giovinazzi ITAAlfa Romeo Racing Ferrari1
19Mick Schumacher GERHaas Ferrari0
20Robert Kubica POLAlfa Romeo Racing Ferrari0
21Nikita Mazepin RAFHaas Ferrari0

2021 F1 Constructor Standings

2Red Bull Racing Honda344.5
3McLaren Mercedes215
5Alpine Renault95
6AlphaTauri Honda84
7Aston Martin Mercedes59
8Williams Mercedes22
9Alfa Romeo Racing Ferrari3
10Haas Ferrari0

2021 F1 Calendar

Race DateCountry
18-JulUnited Kingdom
24-OctUnited States
5-DecSaudi Arabia
12-DecUnited Arab Emirates

Is Smart DNS Proxy Safe?

Absolutely! Most of the region-restricted websites have an initial location check, so a Smart DNS service routes this request to their servers so you can bypass them.

This is a great service for Streaming as they only route the Internet traffic for the TV sites they support. Any other Internet traffic goes directly onto the Internet without Smart DNS service automatically.

Is Smart DNS Proxy Free?

You can use their service for 14 days for Free! They will not ask for your payment details and therefore, you will not be charged.

On the 14th day, you can either take a subscription with them or just don’t take any action. The free trial account will be automatically cancelled.

Personally, I would highly recommend their service because they support over 600+ TV channels and you can access it from anywhere in the world.

As low as $4 per month, their subscription is really cheap and it’s a good bargain.

This is also a great service for those who want to cancel their expensive cable TV subscription and look for a cheaper alternative.

smart dns proxy channels
Popular Channels Supported by Smart DNS Proxy

Can I Use Smart DNS Service On Multiple Devices?

Yes! You can set up and use smart DNS service on any number of devices but they all need to be connected to the same network. i.e. Your home Wi-Fi connection.

For a Smart DNS service to work, you just need to activate your public IP address on their website and once you have done that, any devices connected to that network can use the service if the DNS servers are set on the device.

Smart DNS Proxy Stopped Working?

Unfortunately, whenever your public IP address changes, you will need to activate/update your IP.

To do so, login into your account and click on Activate next to IP activation and you’re done.

Smart DNS Proxy Stopped Working

Just to share, your IP address could have changed due to;

  • You are connecting from a different network. (Other Wi-Fi / 4G)
  • Your Internet connection got cut off momentarily.
  • Internet router was rebooted.
  • Your ISP made some changes or rebooted their system on their back end.


Formula 1 TV subscription is expensive but you can enjoy the 2021 F1 live stream for free if you follow the steps above carefully.

If you need further help, you may consider our support service.

F1 Live Stream 2021 Resources