How To Set Google DNS On macOS

Set Google DNS on macOS system and it should take less than 5 minutes.

Just before that, lets read a little bit about DNS.

What is DNS?

Set Google DNS On macOS

DNS stands for domain name system and it is used to translate domain name (website) into IP address so computer/servers can understand.

Each website has its own IP address and it would be difficult for humans to remember them. Therefore, DNS comes handy where you just need to remember the website name and the DNS system will convert it to an IP address so your computer can understand and land you the website you wanted to visit.

Think about having to remember all the phone numbers of your friends? it would be difficult. So you would save their numbers with their name in your phone book. The next time you want to call/text them, you’ll just need to find their name(s) and your phone will understand.

Why Set Google DNS On macOS (or any other)?

Faster Internet Surfing

Some ISP has some sort of filters running on their background which can delay DNS queries over the Internet. Switching to Google DNS often resolve this issue.

Reliable DNS service

If you’re getting frequent intermittent connection, one of the way to check is to change your DNS server. If it helps you, your ISP servers are not reliable or maybe overloaded.

Better Protection

Some DNS services provides an extra layer of protection and known to block phishing websites. This can keep you safe online.

Access Blocked Content

Just like a VPN service, using Google DNS allows you to access blocked websites especially in a country where the Internet connection is restricted. The only difference with a VPN, it comes with security and your connection is encrypted.

How Do I Use Google DNS On macOS?

Click on the Apple icon on the top-left side of your desktop and select System Preferences.

macos network preferences

Select Network.

macos network menu

Now, please choose your active internet connection type at the left panel. i.e. WiFi or Ethernet.

Once you’ve selected, please click on Advanced at the bottom right.

macos wifi advanced menu

In the Advanced menu, please click on DNS.

Under DNS, you will see your default DNS server address, which will usually be your router IP address.  i.e. 192.168.X.X

Click on the + sign at the bottom left and enter the Google DNS addresses: (Click (+) again to add the second DNS)

macos DNS menu

Once you’ve entered them, you DNS servers should appear like the image below. If that is correct, click on OK.

macos add google dns

Finally, click on Apply at the bottom right to save your settings.

macos apply dns settings

That’s it! you’re done. Your DNS queries will now be handled by Google DNS system.

Which Is The Fastest DNS Server?

It depends on where you’re connecting from, the latency of your connection etc!

One of the best ways to know this is to perform a test. If you have a Windows computer, download a free DNS Benchmark tool and install it.

Next, launch it, click on the Nameservers tab and click on Run Benchmark. Wait for a few minutes and you will the fastest DNS servers based on your connection.

In this example, the fastest DNS server for my connection is from Quad9 ( and I would use that.

dns benchmark tool

Can I use other DNS servers?

Absolutely! If you know a trusted provider, simply follow the same steps above but instead of using Google’s DNS addresses, enter the other provider DNS.

Below are other known trusted DNS providers which you can use for free:



Open DNS


Comodo Secure DNS




Verisign DNS


Smart DNS service for macOS

smart dns proxy channels

Do you want to access more than 600+ TV channels from anywhere in the world?

If yes, then you can use a Smart DNS service and all you need to do is just use their DNS address on your device.

As low as $4 per month, their subscription is really cheap and it’s a good bargain.

This is also a great service for those who want to cancel their expensive cable TV subscription and look for a cheaper alternative.


If your ISP DNS server performance is not good, i.e. high latency and/or you’re in a restricted connection, changing your DNS would be the best option for you.

Is Google DNS servers the best for you? or you have used other provider(s)?