UK ITV HUB Enter Postcode – Latest Working Guide


When you first register for ITV Hub, you’re required to enter a UK postcode. To resolve this, you can just enter any valid UK postcode such as E17 3AA and that would work.

UK ITV HUB Enter Postcode

ITV Hub Postcode Not Working?

If the above postcode didn’t work, you can try another postcode. Full list of UK Postcodes can be found at the link below:

UK Postcodes

Why Does ITV Hub Need My postcode?

Most of the shows on the main ITV channel aren’t available to viewers in Northern Ireland and Scotland. This is why we need to check your location to ensure that we comply with our broadcasting and rights regulations (the legal stuff!).

How Can I Watch ITV Abroad / Outside UK?

Don’t worry, you can use a VPN service to bypass these restrictions and I will walk you through the easy setup which is as per below.

  1. Register for a VPN service
  2. Download VPN app, install and log in using the account you created.
  3. Change the VPN app’s location and Connect to the United Kingdom London Server.
  4. Access your desired UK TV sites.

Note: If the UK server is not working with the stream, please Change the location to the United Kingdom – Kent or London server and try again.

VPN App Not Working?

If you’re having problems connecting to Le VPN service, we would suggest that you try the troubleshooting steps. Alternatively, you can consider using a Smart DNS service to unblock geo-restricted websites/apps from anywhere in the world.

If you really need, you can also get in touch with our support team.


ITV Hub registration is easy and to get a UK Postcode is not hard. One can just search it online and you’ll able to add this information into your account’s registration. Was your UK postcode accepted? If it didn’t, what was the postcode you’ve entered?

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