Le VPNが機能しない、または接続できない簡単に修正


If ルVPN not working or connecting, please restart your Internet router and device(s) as this often clears the problems with the connection. If you’re still having problems, please follow the steps below based on your device;

Le VPNが機能しない

Le VPN Not Connecting On Windows / macOS

Launch Le VPN app and click on the 3 dots icon at the top-right followed by Options.

le vpn app options

At the 一般 tab, un-check Automatically select protocolBlock Internet connection while reconnecting.

le vpn general settings

Next, click on the Protocols tab. Now you should have a list of supported protocols, choose OpenVPN over TCP 80 そしてクリック OK 下部に。

le vpn change vpn protocols

You should now be returned to the app’s main screen. Please try connecting and see how you get on?

If that didn’t work, please repeat the same steps above and try connecting via L2TP / OpenVPN over TCP 443 or OpenVPN over UDP 53 (one at a time) and see if that works for you?

Failing that, please uninstall Le VPN app from your computer and install the latest version.

Le VPN Not Working On Mobile Device


Remove Le VPN app from your device and install the latest version from the link below.

Le VPN iOS App

Next, please login into the app and try connecting. If that didn’t work, can you please check if the VPN protocol is set to IPSEC? To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Launch Le VPN app をタップします hamburger menu button at the top-left.
  • タップする IPSEC (the icon will turn green when it’s enabled)
  • Try connecting to the VPN again and see how you get on?


Remove Le VPN app from your device and install the latest version from the link below.

Le VPN Android App

If that didn’t work, can you please set up the VPN manually as per the instructions at the link below and see if that helps?

LE VPN L2TP Setup For Android

Need Help?

If you’re having problems connecting to Le VPN service, you can consider using a スマートDNS 世界のどこからでも地理的に制限されたWebサイト/アプリのブロックを解除するサービス。

本当に必要な場合は、私たちと連絡を取ることもできます サポート チーム。


The Internet can be complicated and what works today may stopped working the next day. Often rebooting devices will resolve the problem and in some circumstances, the VPN servers may failed too. What is your thoughts on Le VPN? Did you manage to resolve the issues you’re having with their VPN service?

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