How To Setup A Proxy Server For PS4 & PS5

In this article, we will guide you on how to configure your PlayStation PS4 and PS5 to use a proxy server. We’ve also provided answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ section.

Please note that you will need to set up a working proxy server first on your computer before following the rest of the instructions.

If you haven’t set up a proxy server yet, please click on the link(s) below and follow the instructions.

Connecting To The Internet

How To Setup PS4 And PS5 To Use A Proxy Server

Once you have the proxy server running on your computer, you’ll need to reconfigure your Internet connection on your PlayStation.

To do so, please go to Settings from the main screen of your PlayStation.

Playstation settings

Next, Select Network.

Playstation network menu

Select Connect to the Internet.

Playstation Network Options

Now select your connection method, Use Wi-Fi (wireless) or Use a LAN Cable (wired).

Note: If you are connecting wirelessly, you have to select your WiFi network name and enter the password before you can proceed.

Playstation choose network

Select Custom.

Playstation custom connection

If you selected Wi-Fi earlier, please select the wireless connection name that you would like to use.

Playstation which wifi network

Key in your WiFi password then select Done and OK.

Playstation enter wifi password
Playstation enter wifi password

At the DHCP Host Name, choose Do Not Specify.

Playstation DHCP hostname

Leave DNS Settings on Automatic.

Playstation DNS Settings

Leave MTU Settings on Automatic.

Playstation MTU settings

Configuring PS4 / PS5 To Use A Proxy Server

Under Proxy Server, select Use.

Playstation proxy server use or do not use

On the Proxy Server page, enter the local IP address of your computer and the Port Number that you set the proxy server on.

Playstation proxy server address

If you have followed our Proxy Server instructions for your computer, the port would be 6588 for Windows PC or 8080 macOS.

Click Next once you are done.

Test Proxy Server Connection On PlayStation

Scroll all the way to the right without making any other changes to your connection until you are prompted to Save the settings and run the Test as prompted.

If your connection test says Successful, your PlayStation is now connected via the Proxy Server you’ve set up on your computer.

Playstation test connection
frequently asked questions

Do I Need A Proxy Server For My PS4 / PS5?

No, you don’t! Unless you have a specific reason to use it.

Why Is My PS4 / PS5 Asking For A Proxy Server?

If you’re not connected to any proxy server, this is just a generic message as your device can’t detect your Internet connection.

To resolve this, please restart your Internet box, and PlayStation and try again as this often clears the problem.

What Is A Proxy Server?

What Is A Proxy Server?

proxy server is like having another computer that your internet queries get sent to before going to the real website.

What Is A Proxy Server Used For?

You may need to connect to a Proxy Server to play online gaming so the connection is allowed to you.

Also, certain devices such as PlayStation, PS Vita, Smart TV, Wii etc. don’t support connecting to a VPN service directly.

If you set up a proxy server on your computer which is already connected to the VPN, you can then share the connection to these devices.

This way, your device(s) can have a secure connection and/or access region-restricted content.

How To Find Proxy Server Address And Port Number?

The proxy server address is your local computer’s IP address and the port is what you have in your proxy server configuration.

If you’re on Windows, the default proxy server port would be 6588 and for macOS, it’s 8080

Can I Download Region-Restricted Apps On PlayStation?

Yes, you can but you will need to change your PSN region first.

Can I Use VPN On PlayStation?

You can’t set up a VPN directly on the PlayStation as it’s not supported. However, you can try the options to get it working over the VPN.

Is VPN Better Than Proxy?

Yes! In simple words, a proxy doesn’t provide security as a VPN service does.

A VPN service ensures your online security, privacy and freedom at the same time. Hence, 100% reliable.

A Proxy only works for bypassing restricted websites and provides no security at all.

What Is The Fastest DNS For PS4 / PS5?

It depends on where you’re connecting from, the latency of your connection etc!

One of the best ways to know this is to perform a test. To do so, download a free DNS Benchmark tool on your Windows PC and install it.

Next, launch it, click on the Nameservers tab and click on Run Benchmark. Wait for a few minutes and you will the fastest DNS servers based on your connection.

In this example, the fastest DNS server for my connection is from Quad9 ( and I would use that.

dns benchmark tool


The only downside of this proxy server setup is that you will need to turn on your computer whenever you want to use the proxy server.

If you don’t prefer this option, please read the other options which you can consider to achieve what you wanted.

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