How To Sign Up / Register For An ITVX Account

In this post, I’ll guide you on how you can register for a UK ITVX account, download their app on your mobile device(s) and provide an answer to the frequently asked questions.

Formerly known as ITV HUB, the UK’s freshest new streaming service is now called ITVX to provide a better streaming experience to its users.

How To Register To Watch ITVX Programmes?

To register, go to ITVX registration page and enter your Email & Password followed by CONTINUE.

Now, enter your Name details and click on Next.

Now, enter your date of birth and click on Next.

For the Postcode field, please ensure that you enter a UK postcode (e.g. E173AA). You can refer to a full list of UK postcodes at the link below:

Doogal UK Postcodes

For account verification, please click on the confirmation link you received in your email.

Once you’ve verified, click on CHOOSE FREE PLAN. You can now go back to ITVX home page and enjoy the streaming.

Why Do You Have To Register To Watch ITVX?

ITVX requires all users to register for a free account before they can watch their programmes. This is to track the programmes you’ve watched so they can display a personalised video list in your account.

Download ITVX App on Android/iPad/iPhone

If you’re on a mobile device, you can download the ITVX application from their respective store via the link(s) below:

How Do I Download ITVX Outside the UK?

Please note if your Play Store (Android) & iTunes (iOS) account is not linked to the UK region, you will not be able to download ITVXapp.

This is because the ITVX app is locked to the UK region only and it’s not made available to the non-UK store.

To resolve this, please follow the instructions at the links below:

If you’re still having problems downloading the ITVX app, you can just install the Google Chrome app on your device and access the TV site of your choice.

If the TV site is still forcing/redirecting to download their app, please set your browser to request for a Desktop site and access it again.

How Can I Get ITVX On My Samsung Smart TV?

By default, all UK TV apps including ITVX are installed in your Samsung Smart TV which you can access via the Smart Hub screen.

If you don’t see them, most likely your TV’s region is set to non-UK. To resolve this, please change the TV’s region to the UK.

How To Watch ITVX In USA (Outside UK)

If you’re not in the UK, you can still watch ITVX Programmes in the USA or anywhere in the world. However, you will need to set up a Smart DNS service so you can bypass the region restrictions.

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