Как смотреть прямую трансляцию султана Азлана Шаха Кубка 2020

Кубок Султана Азлана Шаха Живая трансляция

Update:  Following the coronavirus outbreak, the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2020 was postponed to be held from 24 September to 3 October 2020. On 2 May 2020 the tournament was officially canceled.

The 29th – Sultan Azlan Shah Cup (SAS) 2020 which is named after the 9th King of Malaysia is set to commence at Azlan Shah Stadium in Ipoh, Perak. It will be held from 11th to 18th April 2020.

Участвующие команды

  • Малайзия
  • Австралия
  • Канада
  • Япония
  • Korea
  • Pakistan

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2020 Schedule

Замечания: The schedule timezone is in the local timezone of Malaysia (UTC+8)

Знаешь свой часовой пояс?

Ты можешь использовать WorldTimeBuddy сайт, чтобы конвертировать ваше время точно, чтобы вы не пропустите матчи.

SAS Cup 2020 TV Coverage

Broadcasting rights for this tournament is limited and you can watch the 2020 SAS Cup if you’re in Malaysia via Astro Go.

If you’re in Malaysia and have an account with Astro, you can Download Astro GO app via the iOS App Store or Android Play Store and link to your Astro account. Once you’ve done this, you should be able to watch the live matches via Astro Arena Channel within the app.

How Can I Watch SAS Cup 2020 live Stream?

We will try to provide live streaming on this page so please watch this space just before the match starts.


This tournament is not widely broadcast-ed due to it’s private/invitational based tournament and also licensing issue. One would have hard time finding a good source to access it online and outside of Malaysia.

How was your experience finding live stream online? Did we provide you with a easy solution?

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