What Is A Smart DNS Proxy And How It Works?

Smart DNS Proxy is a technology that is used to disguise your location allowing you to access geo-restricted content.

Basically, the service works by redirecting certain traffic via Smart DNS servers located throughout the globe.

How It Works?

Smart DNS Proxy And How It Works

So for example, say you want to watch BBC iPlayer, instead of your computer connecting directly to the BBC iPlayer servers, it is automatically redirected so that it connects via Smart DNS servers in the United Kingdom.

As a result, BBC iPlayer thinks that you are actually in the United Kingdom and lets you access the site.

This service is highly recommended if you’re only planning to use a service to access geo-restricted TV channels. Check out the video presentation below from one of the SmartDNS service provider.

Registering For Smart DNS Free Account

Follow the guide on how to register for Smart DNS Free Account.

Smart DNS Proxy Supported TV Channels List

View list of TV Channels that you can unlock by using Smart DNS Proxy service from anywhere in the world.


Smart DNS is highly recommended if you want to stream TV from anywhere in the world as it will provide you with great speed with no overhead like a VPN service.

Have you tried a Smart DNS service? If yes, which one? Do you like the service provided?