Smart DNS Proxy Setup For iPad / iPhone

In this post, we will guide you on how you can set up Smart DNS Proxy service on your iPad / iPhone correctly.

If you haven’t, please register for a free Smart DNS Proxy account first before following the steps below.

In summary, you will have the do the followings;

  1. Get the DNS server addresses.
  2. Set up Smart DNS Proxy On iPad / iPhone.
  3. Activate your IP Address.
  4. Access TV sites/apps.

Step 1: Get your fastest DNS Server Addresses

Smart DNS Proxy Setup For iPad / iPhone

Go to Smart DNS Proxy Servers Page, and write down any two DNS server addresses/numbers but it’s recommended to choose the closest location to you.

Note: Regardless of the DNS server locations, they all configured the same way. Therefore, any DNS servers will work.

Smart DNS Proxy Servers locations

Step 2: Setting Up Smart DNS On iPad / iPhone

Choose Settings from Home screen.

iOS settings

Tap on Wi-Fi.

Find your Wireless connection (which has a tick or check mark) and click on the blue ‘i‘ icon.

iOS wifi menu

You should now be in your Wi-Fi details page. At the Configure DNS section, tap on Automatic.

iOS configure dns

At the DNS configuration screen, tap on Manual and tap on the red (-) minus icon to remove your existing DNS address.

iOS add remove dns server

Now, tap on the (+) Add Server and enter the DNS server address that you’ve written down in Step 1.

You will need to click on the plus (+) button again to enter the second DNS server.

Once you’ve added two DNS servers, tap on Save at the top right corner to save the settings.

iOS add manual DNS server

Step 3: Activate Your IP address

Now that you’ve configured your device to use the Smart DNS, you will just need to activate your IP address. To do so, login into your Account and click on Activate next to IP activation.

Smart DNS Proxy Activate IP address

If you’ve activated your IP address successfully and you have configured your computer to use the DNS address, you will see green checkmarks next to DNS Setup and IP activation.

Smart DNS Proxy IP updated

Access TV Sites/Apps

Smart DNS Proxy Supported Channels

That’s it! You can now access your favourite TV site/App and enjoy the stream. Smart DNS Proxy supports over 400+ TV channels globally. Have a look at their full list of supported channels.

Smart DNS Proxy Stopped Working?

Unfortunately, whenever your public IP address changes, you will need to activate/update your IP as per step #3 for the service to work again.

Just to let you know, your IP address could have changed due to;

  • Your Internet connection got cut off momentarily.
  • The Internet router was rebooted.
  • Your ISP made some changes or rebooted their system on their back end.

Any Problems?

If it doesn’t work for you and you need instant help, go to Smart DNS Proxy website and chat with their support staff.

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