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How Do I Spoof My Web Browser Location?

There are few ways that you can spoof browser location and I’ll share you the information in this article.

These days, modern web browsers can tell websites where you’re coming from in order to provide location functionality to the websites you’re visiting so they can provide you with local content or block you if it’s region-restricted.

How Does A Website Determine My Location?

Spoof web browser location

Your location can be obtained based on your IP address, WiFi data and it’s often accurate which can be a violation to your privacy.

You may also experience that certain websites doesn’t allow you to access their services because of the location you’re coming from.

Whilst, using DNS or VPN services can often bypass the restrictions, it cannot modify your device’s GPS location which is required by some websites/apps to work.

How To Spoof Browser Location?

If you care about security and also privacy, I would suggest that you go ahead with a VPN service.

When you connect to a VPN service, your connection will be encrypted and routed through a secure service meaning you will be protected whilst being online. You can have your IP changed to the location you prefer and enjoy the connection with security.

If you just want to spoof your browser location, you can just install a browser extension/add-on called Location Guard.

How Does Location Guard work?

Location Guard essentially prevents websites from pinpointing your exact location by giving noise to the location service, throwing your location off by up to 40-50 miles, giving you privacy.

It also allows you to choose the location you wish to feed to the location service, thus allowing you to spoof browser location.

How To Use Location Guard

If you haven’t, please install Location Guard for your web browser.

To spoof your location, you need to set Location Guard to Use Fixed Location.

  • Go to the website that requests your location.
  • Click on the Location Guard icon that appears
Checking on website's location
  • Click on Options
location guard option
  • Click Fixed Location
Location guard fixed location
  • Point the map to the desired location. You may need to zoom in or out to navigate around the GPS.
spoofing location using location guard
  • Once this is done, go back to the website that requests for your location. Click the Location Guard icon, and click Set Location for.
setting location guard level
  • Ensure that Used fixed location is selected.
Location guard options
  • Now, click Allow on the location permission prompt.
Allowing location guard options
  • The location defined in Location Guard is shown instead.
Location guard spoofed locations.

Alternative Solution?

If you just want to fake/change your browser’s location (not choose specific area), I highly recommend that you use Browser’s extension.

The setup is easy, just install the extension and slide the connection button to get connected. browser extension

Based on our findings, the current list of channels that requires your checks on your computer GPS location to work as as below:

  • Watch ABC (Live)
  • CBS All Access (Live)
  • BT Sports

Have you tried spoofing/changing your web browser’s location? Did it work?

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