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Unlocator Free Trial Account Sign Up Without Credit Card

Unlocator offers a 7-days free trial account that you can try out before deciding to subscribe to their paid service.

Do you want to access 200+ TV channels from your device(s) from anywhere in the world? You can now with Unlocator Smart DNS service!

The registration process is simple and the best part is, you don’t need to enter your payment(card) details and therefore, you will not be charged automatically.

How Does Unlocator DNS Work?

Unlocator Free Trial Account Sign Up Without Credit Card

Basically, the service works by redirecting certain traffic via Smart DNS servers located throughout the globe. So for example, say you want to watch the UK’s BBC iPlayer from abroad, instead of your computer connecting directly to the BBC iPlayer servers, it is automatically redirected so that it connects via Smart DNS servers in the United Kingdom.

As a result, BBC iPlayer thinks that you are actually in the United Kingdom and lets you access the site.

This service is highly recommended if you’re planning to use a service to access geo-restricted TV channels.

Register For A Free Unlocator Trial Account

To sign up for Unlocator free trial account, go to the Unlocator Smart DNS website and click on the GET FREEE ACCOUNT button.

Register For A Free Unlocator Trial Account

Next, enter your email address, password, check on the agreement and click on Create Free Account.

unlocator Create Free Account

Now, a confirmation link would be sent to your email address. Please verify your email address and once you’ve done it, click on Go to login.

unlocator confirmation email sent

Registration Complete

That’s it! Your free trial account has been created and click on Go to Dashboard to view your account’s information.

unlocator Registration Complete

Unlocator Smart DNS Setup

To set up Unlocator Smart DNS on your device(s), you will first need to update your IP address in your account’s dashboard.

To do so, click on the Update button next to your IP.

Unlocator Smart DNS Setup

Once you’ve done it, click on Go to Setup Guides, choose your device and follow the instructions to setup Unlocator DNS.

Alternatively, you can use the link(s) below:

DNS Setup Checker

Once you’ve configured your device, refresh your account’s dashboard and you should see all the green checkmarks as per below:

Unlocator Smart DNS configured correctly

That’s it! You can now access your favourite channels and stream it from anywhere in the world.

If for some reason it has stopped working, all you need to do is, go back to your dashboard and update your IP.

Is Unlocator Safe To Use?

Absolutely! Most of the region-restricted websites have an initial location check. Unlocator service route this request to their servers so you can bypass them.

This is a great service for Streaming as they only route the Internet traffic for the TV sites they support. Any other Internet traffic goes directly onto the Internet without Unlocator service automatically.

Is Unlocator VPN & Smart DNS Free?

You can use their service for 7 days for Free! They will not ask for your payment details and therefore, you will not be charged.

On the 7th day, you can either take a subscription with them or just don’t take any action. The free trial account will be automatically cancelled.

Should I Use Unlocator VPN Or Smart DNS?

If you want to use a service just to access geo-restricted media/sites, you should always use a Smart DNS but if security is your concern, you should always go for a VPN service.

Below are the comparison;

Unlocator DNS

  • It does not encrypt your traffic or data that is transmitted through the Internet.
  • It does not change the IP address of your network.
  • Only works with channels that are added and supported manually but the list is pretty extensive!
  • Streaming speed will be wholly dependent on both your Internet connection speed and the stability of your Internet to the service you’re watching instead of provider’s servers.
  • Simultaneous streaming from channels in different regions.
  • Supported on a wider range of devices.

Unlocator VPN

  • Encrypts your traffic and data that is transmitted through the Internet.
  • Changes your IP address to the country of the VPN server of your choice.
  • The connection is slighter slower than local Internet speed due to encryption overhead and as the VPN server in between.
  • Almost all channels and sites that are geo-restricted for that particular country can be accessed whilst connected to the VPN.

Does Unlocator Work With Firestick?

Yes, it does. All you need to do is just follow the setup instructions for Firestick/FireTV.

What TV Channels Are Supported By Unlocator Smart DNS?

Unlocator Smart DNS supports over 200+ channels globally. Have a look at their complete list of supported channels.

Note: If you’re using the Unlocator VPN, you can unlock just about any website or streaming service by connecting to the correct country.

How Much Does Unlocator Cost?

As low as $3 per month, their subscription is really cheap and it’s a good bargain. If you take a longer subscription with them, you’ll enjoy a greater discount.

How Much Does Unlocator Cost?

Don’t forget, you can take up their free trial and no payment is required for 7 days.

How Do I Cancel Unlocator Free Trial Account?

Your Unlocator free trial account will be cancelled automatically if you’ve passed the 7 days free trial and didn’t take up a paid subscription.


Unlocator is one of the best Smart DNS service providers and I like the simplicity of their registration process. They don’t even ask for credit card details like others.

Personally, I would highly recommend their service because they support over 200+ TV channels and you can access it from anywhere in the world.

This is also a great service for those who want to cancel their expensive cable TV subscription and look for a cheaper alternative.

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